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Centre of Sociological Research

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    University of Szczecin (Poland)

    Foundation of International Studies 

    Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania)

    Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest (Romania)


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Our vision



Nowadays, the publishing industry develops under the pressure of the “digital revolution”, which is at present the most significant change in publishing since the invention of the printing press. We believe that this revolution is not a threat for printed media; we believe that it is a challenge. The digital revolution is changing and re-creating the publishing industry.


In such terms the most challenging mission is the creation of a platform for effective distribution of the scientific knowledge through developing of relationship between publishing houses, universities and business using the methodology of assessing the quality of scientific papers in the practical way, as well as promotion of knowledge production, not just consumption, especially in the Central and Eastern European countries.


Our team decided to take on this mission and has founded CSR Scientific Publishing House. CSR understands that efficient and effective exchange of knowledge shall result in a better world for everyone, not just scientific community, but the society as a whole.


CSR Scientific Publishing House’ is focused on scientific publications in the area of social sciences. We are using the up to date technologies, including well-known databases, for making your scientific works searchable and locatable all over the world.


Cooperation with our publishing house is based on the following key concepts: 


High-quality: every article is reviewed by at least two scientific experts in the relevant area;


Indexes: publishedarticles shall be indexed by major databases, including SCOPUS, Index Copernicus, etc.;


Copyright: fully complies with all principles of the Creative Commons


Permanent linking: you will be provided with a permanent and unique reference; 


Permanent archiving: all articles and book chapters shall be archived and permanently kept under our agreement with the EBSCO. 


Books: we believe that publishing books is still a must-have, it can be a printed one, e-book or in any other format, but it is a significant step-forward comparing too single article.